Professional Boiler Maintenance

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Our professional service agreement for your your hydronic system will save money by consistently maintaining your boiler and accessories to prevent failures and ensuring peak operating efficiencies. Enrolling in a Totally Tankless Service Agreement will help ensure proper maintenance for your hydronic heating system.

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Benefits of a Totally Tankless Service Agreement include:

  • Consistent scheduled maintenance for your tankless water heater
  • A sharp reduction of unplanned downtime or parts failures
  • Improved and more consistent operation
  • More consistent budgeting for with fixed annual agreements for both businesses and residential applications
  • Reduction in operating costs by consistently maintaining water heaters in peak operating condition
  • Extended equipment life
  • Improved safety
  • Priority scheduling should repair be necessary
Boiler Installation

Boiler Flush Services

Totally Tankless offers a complete boiler system flush to clean the inside of your hydronic heating system. With the passage of time, boiler systems may develop circulation problems as a result of corrosion and sludge in areas of low flow, notably the lower central areas of radiators, and underfloor pipe work. A full system flush will remove this accumulated debris and restore your system to peak operating efficiency. For more information about our full boiler flush services, click here.

Boiler Service Plans

The costs and terms of your Service Agreement are based on the type and number of systems you are currently operating, the age of your equipment, and its condition prior to the start of a maintenance plan. Typical residential gas boiler system checks include:

  • Physically inspect your boiler. Visually check for debris, corrosion, or moisture, and clean as necessary.
  • Test run your boilers system for 30 minutes. Visually inspect burner operation. Check the boiler outlet and return temperatures and ensure that each heating zone is operating properly.
  • Inspect the expansion tank, fill valve and backflow preventer.
  • Inspect to boiler pressure relief valve
  • Check the boiler system pressure
  • Inspect the system circulation pump(s) and lubricate if required
  • Inspect the system zone valves and controls
  • Carefully Inspect the venting system and vent termination
  • If appropriate, inspect and clean the condensing water drain system

If you have a combi system, the following steps are also included:

  • Inspect and flush the DHW heat exchanger to remove sediment and calcium
  • Clean the inlet water filter
  • Inspect the T & P valve

About Totally Tankless

Totally Tankless was founded in 2012 by New York native Steve Foerst. Based in Wappingers Falls, NY, we specialize in high efficiency heater heating and boiler systems for central Hudson River Valley homeowners and businesses. Our customer service and long standing reputation are easily seen in the reviews we’ve received from your friends and neighbors over the years.

All of the technicians at Totally Tankless are licensed and insured.