Skirting Heating

The world's smartest heating system.

ThermaSkirt systems are at least 13% more efficient than regular base board and under floor heating.

ThermaSkirt is a hi-tech aluminum alloy extrusion, with two watertight pipes 'molded' into the back. Patented connectors and covers allow it to be quickly installed all around the room, and it connects straight onto a conventional plumbed system – just like a radiator.

As it is beautifully made and finished, in a choice of profiles and colors, you'll be delighted at how it looks as a skirting board, but even more impressed with its stunning performance.

Because ThermaSkirt is made from an alloy that is 5 times more effective at radiating heat than steel, the warm water from your heat source – be it condensing or combi, oil or wood pellet boiler, heat pump or solar thermal system - soon raises the temperature of the ThermaSkirt radiant surface and thus the room.

ThermaSkirt will keep your home comfortable all winter long.

As ThermaSkirt is heating all around your room from low level, within minutes you have a lovely warm environment. As a result you save heating costs, wall space and warm-up times.

Discrete Heat ThermalSkirt System.

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ThermaSkirt has many benefits over conventional radiators, but one often under-appreciated advantage is its Health & Safety benefits.

Energy Saving

Independent tests by BSRIA demonstrate the improved performance of ThermaSkirt over radiators and under floor heating.

  • Typically 13% better than radiators on conventional heating systems, and up to 25% on renewables (source: BSRIA Test 51397/1)
  • Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Compatible – enables renewables to be installed in existing buildings. (Winner at the National Heat Pump Awards 2012)
  • Response times of a radiator, avoiding the over-heating problems of UFH
  • Low water content – typically 1/2 to 1/3rd of a radiator, maximising the CoP of heat pumps etc.
  • Rapid room heating – only on when required, and off when not
  • All the heat into the room and not into the floor slab or structure
  • Unaffected by the choice of floor covering, maximising performance
  • All around radiant heat - no cooling convection currents that create poor even heat distribution
  • Independently evaluated by the Swedish Institute of Climate research and shown to be up to 50% more effective than radiators
BSRIA Independent Test images

Taken from BSRIA independent tests, these temperature distribution videos demonstrate perfectly why ThermaSkirt uses less energy to make you feel comfortable.

Note the temperature graph at the side of the video, and that aqua green is around 21°C, and dark blue 15°C. Note the consistency and even heat distribution achieved by ThermaSkirt compared to radiators – whether under a window or on an internal wall.

Nothing feels like ThermaSkirt! As a result you feel warmer using less energy and your fuel costs are reduced by at least 13%.

Space Saving & other benefits of using ThermaSkirt

One of the most significant investments you will make is in your home. Doesn’t it make sense to make the most of it by maximising its value? A report in 2001 by McKann Erickson concluded that radiator free houses command a 10~15% premium over similar properties in the same neighbourhood.

Eliminating space-stealing radiators frees up your walls for eye-catching centrepieces.

Stylish, unobtrusive & energy efficient

Exploded Illustration of Skirted heating.

Consider the advantages ThermaSkirt can offer your home:

  • More useable space as all walls are available to use
  • Free your walls for features such as flat screen TVs or pictures
  • ThermaSkirt allows complete flexibility of furniture positioning and layout – unlike radiators which often restrict a whole wall!
  • Simpler Decorating – with no radiators to drain and remove you can refresh your home with minimal fuss - saving time and cost
  • Dust free – décor lasts longer when there are no radiator dust marks to worry about
  • Cable Management system – ThermaSkirt's patented detachable bottom cable cover means no trailing wires and AV equipment where you want
  • Improved comfort as there are no hot and cold spots
  • Minimal Disruption – unlike underfloor heating, ThermaSkirt can often use the existing pipework and can leave the floors untouched

Health & Safety

ThermaSkirt has many benefits over conventional radiators, but one often under-appreciated advantage is its Health & Safety benefits.

Trips & falls onto the hard edges of radiators (and often their LST covers) is a major source of injury, not only to the very young and old in the home, but also in areas such as mental health, schools and public spaces, custodial and secure centers. ThermaSkirt solves these problems at a stroke.

Concerns about scalds and burns on hot exposed pipes can also be eliminated by installing ThermaSkirt with the Thermiser surface temperature control.

Finally, issues that concern our most vulnerable members of society such as those who would self-harm are completely addressed by ThermaSkirts natural anti-ligature features.

Cost Saving

In simple terms, ThermaSkirt costs more than a radiator but less than under floor heating. But in terms of overall cost, you can SAVE money. Think about it - 1 size fits all - no stocking problems, wrong sizes delivered, or incorrect specification ordered.

It replaces the radiator AND the skirting and you will never get a better blemish free paint finish. It will save time - no corners to mitre (and then fill, shrink and crack) and one person (or tradesman) can fit it.

It's easy to trouble-shoot, adapt and extend and will accommodate any potentially expensive after-thought additions (laminate, carpet, cables and wires).