Lancaster Ironsoft Water Softener

A real breakthrough in water treatment equipment, Lancasters Ironsoft will not only soften hard water, but will remove up to 10 ppm of Ferrous (clear water) iron and/or Ferric (red water) iron.

Standard Features
  • Fully adjustable regeneration cycle times to meet peak demands
  • Ironsoft removes iron in both clear water and red water conditions
  • Minimized usage of salt and water
  • Solid-state microprocessor with push button simplicity for ease-of-use
  • Programmable control to customize use to family needs and lower operating costs
  • Fully adjustable regeneration cycle times to meet peak demands
LES Microprocessor Control Valve
  • Monitors water consumption and regeneration cycles
  • Easy panel programming
  • Stores system configuration with battery back-up

Reduces Scale Build-Up and Iron

Model IDModel NameGrains
Capacity Max.
Mineral Tank
Brine Tank
Brine Tank
Capacity Lbs.
Salt Per
Regeneration Lbs.
Service Flow
Rate GPM
Backwash Flow
Rate GPM
16587-FESLET-2424,0008 x 4418 x 3330012101.31
16597-FESLET-3232,00010 x 4718 x 3330015121.71
16607-FESLET-4545,00012 x 4818 x 3330022141.71
16617-FESLET-6060,00012 x 4818 x 4042530161.31
  • 5-Year Limited Parts Warranty

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